Commercial Sounds

In addition to jazz, I was pleased to be involved in writing commercial music in the '80s and '90s. Here is a "medley" from TV and Online spots done through the Stephen Arnold organization. Enjoyment reigns.

Blue In Green

Blue In Green, an amazing song by Miles Davis, was arranged for and recorded by the One O'Clock Lab Band, on Lab 2007 (CD). Solos are by Sara Jacovino (trombone) and Jiri Levicek (piano). Amazing band, directed by Neil Slater. I am still very pleased with this recording!

What Are You Doing The Rest of your Life

What Are You Doing the Rest Of Your Life is one of my favorite tunes! This arrangement was written for and recorded on Lab 2006 by the One O'Clock Lab Band (Neil Slater director), with solos by Jason Levi (trumpet) and Clay Pritchard (tenor sax).


Traveling is one of the originals I wrote for inclusion in Basics in Jazz Arranging, to demonstrate the use of an active groove to support a tune arranged with many horn unisons. The bridge then slows and uses thicker voicings. Students loved identifying other recordings where they heard similar structure. This is learning at its best!

The Front (Instr)

The Front is a composition for Basics in Jazz Arranging that shows how a well-known jazz tune can be turned upside-down, placed over a slow but marvelous rhythm groove, and beginning with unison horns.

The Front (Vocal)

The Front (Vocal) uses the same undercarriage and melodic line as for the instrumental version. This one became a demonstration of the way a tune originally developed for an instrumental group could fit well with original lyrics sung by a vocalist. Singing here is Rosana Eckert.

Turning Two (4 hns).mp3

Turning Two is an early example for Basics In Jazz Arranging, meant to show beginning arrangers the ease of beginning with a "favorite tune," staying unison most of the time, and focusing on interesting (but not difficult) chord changes. This was a profitable beginning exercise for the 1st semester arranging class.

Stella 3620

My arrangement of Stella By Starlight for "big band" was sight-read by members of the 2nd-semester arranging class. Class members had copies of a reduced score for use in conversing on areas of the chart. Stella is one of my most favorite tunes, composed by Victor Young for the 1944 film The Uninvited, and subsequently recorded by dozens of famous jazz artists.


Hugh Fowler was an incredible band-leader and booking agent in the '50s and '60s. I was excited to be one of the arrangers for that band, and also one of the trombonists. This arrangement of Witchcraft was rehearsed then recorded before being brought into the live setting. When Hugh heard it for the first time, his comment was "Wow, that sounds like it had been rehearsed!" Many of us had difficulty not cracking up!

Yesterdays Flutes

Yesterdays was written for the UNT Flute Choir in 1979, performed the same year at TMEA Convention in San Antonio. When I became faculty at North Texas in 1978 I had never written for as many flutes, and when I neard them in rehearsal (18 flutes, including 2 bass flutes) my hairs stood on end. I loved it!