Caravan has been arranged for instrumental jazz ensembles, earning the descriptive "Barn Burner." I arranged this for vocal ensemble in the fall of 2016 - my intent was a Level 3 chart while at the same time a Barn Burner. Published by Hal Leonard, I enjoy hearing this arrangement, and the mini-Circle-Singing area following the solos. To see and hear, below:


One of Stevie Wonder's best - composed in 1983, Overjoyed became one of my favorites as well. Published by Hal Leonard, this chart began as a Level-2, but toward the end moved to Level-3 as key-changes "took over." Funny, how sometimes in the act of arranging, the chart makes its own decisions. I love it! To see and hear this chart, below:

Shiny Stockings.mp3

Shiny Stockings was a popular Count Basie tune, composed by Frank Foster. My vocal arrangement (published by Hal Leonard) has lyrics by Ella Fitzgerald, and swings at a medium-slow tempo. Its a crowd pleaser, at a difficulty level between 2.5 and 3. Published by Hal Leonard, Shiny Stockings comes in both SATB and SSA formats.
I love it! To see and hear, see below:

Windmills of your Mind

Windmills Of Your Mind is a very deep ballad, music by Michel LeGrand, lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman. Alan's recording is incredible, and was the model for my vocal chart - much soloing! This arrangement (published by Hal Leonard), when sung at the proper tempo and with appropriate emotion, brings an audience to silent tears. I love "Windmills!" To see and hear - below:

I Just Called

Another Stevie Wonder marvel. This arrangement sends the message into the audience with power. The choir has fun with the easier voicings. To see and hear, below. To hear only, touch "launch"

One For My Baby

Hal Leonard
A ballad beginning after the intro with a male solo, choir following. Beautiful song, one I enjoyed arranging. To hear only, touch Launch, to see and here, below.

Never Let Me Go (acap)

Never Let Me Go published by Hal Leonard, is an amazing and emotional song - this acappella chart was commissioned for the UMass Amherst Jazz Singers (Cathy Jensen-Hole, dir) The arrangement moves in and around the very sensitive lyrics - I love this chart, and feeling the emotions that come from hearing it. See and hear:

My One and Only Love (acap)

My One and Only Love is an acappella chart that brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it or think of it - unusual for me, since I arranged it!! I love it, and am very, very pleased that Hal Leonard is publishing this one as well, to be available in early 2015. Enjoy!

One Note Samba

One Note Samba is a tune loaded with humor, fun, and reach. I enjoyed arranging this one for many reasons - one of which was the upward motion melody following the improv solo. I still love hearing this gem, both from the vocals and the amazing rhythm section. Life is Great!! To hear only, touch Launch, to see and hear, below.

Boogie Down

An energetic version of Al Jarreau's hit with a very positive message! My arrangement features a unison trio on the melody line, supported by the rest of the full vocal group. Rhythm section and horns create the platform that supports Boogie Down and its two solos. I love this tune, an am so pleased that Hal Leonard has published this chart, which can be seen/heard on youTube now at the following address:


Hal Leonard
This arrangement of Birdland follows the original as closely as possible while still honoring the size of choir that would sing. The descending half-step chorded area is voiced with easy-to-hear chords, which makes the learning curve profitable in keeping the overall group pitch from slipping. (Brings back memories, wholesale!)

If I Fell In Love With You

Another Beatles song, with "love lyrics" - this arrangement begins, following the intro, with unison and acappella girls on the "verse" before rhythm begins for the major area of the tune. Very Beatle-ish emotions this one. To hear only, touch Launch. or - - - -

Besame Mucho

Besamé Mucho is a great Latin tune - my arrangement has a mix of Salsa/Mambo groove and Jazz Swing. Rhythm section and three horns are the platform on which Besamé rides - I love it! This arrangement, commissioned by the Jazz Singers at Plano High School in Dallas, and is now published and available through Hal Leonard Corporation. .


This beautiful song from the Beatles contains such emotion that between the two appearances of the melody I placed a contrapuntal section followed by short improv to let the story breathe a bit The listener then can consider what the tune and chart has awakened in his/her imagination. Fabulous material - published now by Hal Leonard - that was much enjoyment in arranging this one!!

The Autumn Leaves

Hal Leonard
This chart on Autumn Leaves has proven itself over the years to be extremely effective for teaching ensemble swing. Level - 2-3, medium swing. Following the head, the group sings a short soli to introduce the vocal improvization. Piano solo then change of key to end the chart.


Hal Leonard
Nardis, with all its strong position in jazz history, was among my favorite challenges, and I'm very pleased with the chart. The head is followed by guy soli (unison) then ladies (supported unision) then some soli before change of key and piano solo chart out.

My Funny Valentine 2017

My Funny Valentine is now a Level 2+ or 3 vocal arrangement with rhythm section. One of my favorite songs, Valentine uses unisons and 2-density most of the time, with a key change that was designed to attract unusual attention (supporting the improv solo). I will always love this pair of Funny Valentine recordings and all they mean to me!

Candlelight (acap 2014)

Candlellight is an incredibly beautiful tune, by Johnny Green and Edward Heyman. Its lyrics are too captivating for more than one-time-through. I am very pleased that Alfred Music is publishing this one, currently available. Candlellight will charm singers and audience alike - there is an emotional story about this chart, to be shared with whomever programs it.

Blackbird Acap

Hal Leonard
Blackbird is one of my favorite songs from the Beatles, and I'm very pleased with the little conversations I was able to build into this chart. The intro also personalizes the high esteem with which I think of the Beatles and their contributions to jazz.

This a cappella arrangement is now available through Hal Leonard and their distributors. It's designed for ensemble both in jazz and traditional vocal courtyards. Enjoy!

Where Is Love (a cappella)

Hal Leonard
Another beautiful ballad, with sensitive and searching lyrics that tell the story of someone searching for love. These lyrics then personify love as a being that may be hiding. Where Is Love always reaches out to the audience - seldom did we hear applause for at least five seconds following the last cutoff. Good choice for a sensitive program.

The Meaning Of The Blues

Hal Leonard
Arranged for the University of North Texas Jazz Singers in 1990, this Hal Leonard publication continues to appeal to groups worldwide. I suspect it's due in part to the fabulous lyrics - it was fun to arrange.

If I Were A Bell

Hal Leonard
Arranged for jazz choir in 2009, published by Hal Leonard Music. The chart has an interesting use of group/vocal percussion behind a guitar solo, then to the end.

Come Together

Hal Leonard
Fabulous Beatles tune, this acappella arrangement, published this year by Hal Leonard, is designed to insert some jazz improvisation and colorful verticals into the composition. Level 3+ or 4, depending, the hard copy will be available summer 2011.

Until I Met You

The Count Basie favorite "Corner Pocket" became "Until I Met You" (lyrics by Donald Wolf) when recorded by Manhattan Transfer. My arrangement is an adaptation of the Transfer version - the tune has become popular again in the vocal jazz circles, and I'm very pleased that Hal Leonard is publishing it - available online now. Enjoy this one with me!!


Sure to be an audience favorite, I am excited about this new version of the energetic hit! This arrangement features a unison trio on the melody, backed up by full vocal ensemble, rhythm section and optional horns. Should be available from Hal Leonard in summer 2015

Four Brothers

Hal Leonard
Four Brothers is among the most memorable offerings from the Manhattan Transfer. When the lines are aggressive, this arrangement offers simplified voicings. In addition to written-out solos, we go straight to "Four Brothers" followed by a surprise ending.

All The Things You Are

Hal Leonard
Arranged in 2011 for Jazz Choir, published by Hal Leonard Music, Inc. Written piano solo intro into traditional figures, Style: jazz mix 2&4 moves to straight ahead. Vocal and piano solos to acap interlude and out. Level 3

Talking To Myself

- - is a beautiful Michael Brecker tune, adapted and arranged for the UNT Jazz Singers (2006) with original lyrics by Gary Eckert. When I hear this tune, I continue to dream of wonderful times and places. Incredible!

The Christmas Song

The Christmas Song, a real classic by Mel Tormé and Robert Wells, is an all-time favorite for so many, including yours truly! I enjoyed arranging this song (a cappella) with interesting harmonies that are easily accessible and help to send the beautiful story across to the audience. Christmas is a special time!!

Like A Lover

Hal Leonard
Like A Lover is a fabulous tune, the arrangement published by Hal Leonard in 2011. Careful voice leading supports the colorful harmonies. This demo is short - there is a piano solo followed by a re-entry of the singers then out. Level 2-3

Eleanor Rigby

Hal Leonard
Beatles tunes never die! Eleanor Rigby is one of the most searching, with lyrics that tell a sad story. For this reason, this a cappella chart begins with a soul-searching intro, with motion i the bass/baritone sections when the tune begins to move. It's a crowd pleaser (I blush).


Hal Leonard
Corcovado was arranged as a sensitive Bossa Nova, with minor flavor. Following the solo is a harmonic area with stop-time rhythms combining vocals with the rhythm section. Solos can be vocal or any available instrument.

Killing Me Softly

Hal Leonard
Killing Me Softly begins with a written piano solo followed by choral harmonies. Killing Me, then, begins with a female solo. The vocal intro follows, supporting a change of key and chart-out has altered melody to original lyrics. Level 2-3.

April In Paris

Hal Leonard
April In Paris is arranged in an eight-style mixed with occasional swing figures, a good teaching vehicle for rhythm placement. The arrangement changes key midway with solo and searching changes. I found this chart to be a great mid-program choice, to be followed by a killing swinger.


Hal Leonard
Estate is a beautiful ballad, arranged for SATB with a mood-setting intro that also serves melodically in the closing sounds. Estate is not a new arrangement, but continues to be sought after, both here and abroad.

This Is All I Ask (acap)

Hal Leonard
This Is All I Ask contains lyrics that will cause most audiences to reach for their handkerchiefs. Beautiful melody, this arrangement is published by Hal Leonard, originally written for the University of North Texas Jazz Singers. Level 3

Love Letters

Hal Leonard
Love Letters is arranged for jazz choir in a big band style, therein giving the singers an opportunity to practice singing as though they were a big band. You can hear the subtle change in vocal output in this demo, which is cut short during the vocal improv.

Alone Together

Alone Together is a medium but pushy and swinging chart, with a solo area that can be used by any instrument. Difficulty level 3+ and originally written for the UNT Jazz Singers.

In Walked Bud acap

In Walked Bud is a challenging acappella arrangement on a marvelous jazz tune. Room for good improvisation, and a group soli that sends a great message. Published by Sound Music Publications, In Walked Bud was arranged originally for the North Texas Jazz Singers. Level 4+ or 5. depending.